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1. There are many numbers of wizards, witches, witch doctors, sorcerers and mediums in rural areas that the inhabitants always consult for sickness and problems that befall them.

2. Instead of hearing praise and worship at night in many rural places, you would hear the drumming of a medium in their operations.

3. Many people in villages perform rituals in many occasions:-

E.g. when unknown disease or plague struck people, when there is drought, a twin is born, a dump, a deaf, a blind, a sicklier, unhealthy child that can’t improve, or a child with any kind of strong deformity or abnormality, e.g. Down syndrome or Hydrociffila etc. They perform the ritual and then this vulnerable child is thrown alive to die into the water though they are 15years of age. To other children when information is leaked to them, they may refuse to be taken any where or when taken may get stuck to the mother on the process of throwing him or her in the water and both may fall and die in the water. These tribes believe that if you tolerate to keep those kinds of children, then God would give you more of such.

 4) In other places or Districts, people don’t waste time for a case when someone has offended, but they revenge through magic.  E.g. something is stolen, they don’t waste time to look for it but sends the magic to make you bring it back with a fine or destroy that thief. And they believe that, to stay well in this places you need to have your magic protection too.

5) In some places in Sudan, a shop would be left opened, some money for the change in the open and the prices tagged on everything but should you cheat or pick anything without putting your money, then you would suffer the consequence of the statement number (4).

6) NB There are more than 65 tribes that speak different languages in Uganda, and these tribes have thousands and thousands of separate named clans, and all of these clans always have shrines and some kind of god they worship. These gods are the living and non living creatures e.g. some big trees or some species, some wild animals, some hills, some swamps, some waters, some caves, sun, some spirits of the dead ancestors etc. These gods when consulted by the elders, can talk or response towards their requests.  To wild animals, when the ritual is being performed in their name, it comes to show its presents in many cases to mean your request is accepted. To hills, trees and caves you may hear the voice that answer you in whatever you ask. NB These means Satan come behind all these creatures when humans begin to worship or consult as their god.  It is therefore taught in Religious Education in Africans’ schools as the A.T.R. (Africans Traditional heritage Religion). But the worship of these gods is not so common now days in big towns and cities due to Christianity and civilization that is capturing the urban areas. 


REAP Mission of Africa with a high a matured understanding that, all mankind seek pardon and cleansing from God!  And all souls of the young, old, rich, poor, learnt, illiterate, wise and dull etc. of rural and urban areas are equally precious before the Lord; and the called are commissioned to work generously without discrimination in these tasks for all soul redemption.

Our strategic plan for intervention is therefore to face the challenging poverty of rural missions, by calling upon external supportive effort to jointly back up the ministry programs, to equip to ease the task, so that God’s servants work diligently and devotedly ministerial work.

To capture and convert the ignored/unreached hard to reach communities and plant Churches in order to achieve the implementation of rural missions,  preaching intensively and  put up Church structures for worships and discipleships that always bring greater impacts  in the gospel teaching and preaching of door to door, open air crusades, conferences and seminars, mobilization, sensitization, home cell establishment, and, leadership trainings, hence rural transformation to reduce high rates of Crimes, alcoholisms, thefts and robberies, street children, commercial sex workers or immoralities, rebellions within the societies,


And above all the abolition of the (A.T.R.) Africa Traditional heritage Religion and any sort of profanity within rural communities.

This proposal’s visions is vast and it needs the external supporters/Donors to intervene in the  strategies put in the objectives and input!

REAP (Rural Evangelisms Abolish Profanity) Mission of Africa.                                                                                                                           Is an evangelical church planting venture with a focus for rural communities, a nonprofit making faith based organization, that works to reap the rural areas, through supportive effort to bridge the gap created by poverty challenges of rural communities and evangelize to plant Churches  in areas such as:- villages, trading centers,  townships, lakesides, islands and other cities etc. that which is ignored or unreached by other ministries due to hard to reach and the  challenges of poverty of the rural inhabitants that make them unsupportive to the ministries that go to their amidst, in this country Uganda, East Africa,  and Africa at large.

Is led by a Christian brother called Rev. EJIBU JACKSON RICHARD, became a servant of God and got a burden to face the dodged missions, the challenges in rural Evangelism, to preach the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost and ignored/unreached souls of rural localities through the above formed ministry. This is known yet to be the first of its kind to face these challenges in Africa as dictated by the above name and vision.

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“To enthrone Jesus Christ as Lord and savior in their heart and establish churches in all centers of rural communities.”




“To reach hard to reach communities and change their live through the word of God, and empower the society to free from trauma, ignorance, poverty to live sustainable livelihood.”


“To evangelize indiscriminately to eradicate the Africans Traditional heritage Religion and any sort of profanity and network Christianity foundations in all the centers of rural areas so that as they develop into cities shall have been dominated by Christians.”


“The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few.”

          Government policy

The Government wants all nongovernmental organization such as ministries that register to operate in the country to have the country developmental work plans beside their organization’s visions work plans. e.g. (1) Build some learning institutions. (2) Build some Hospitals, Health units or clinics. (3) Build orphanages or destitute children eureka centers. (4) Provide safe water by protecting wells and Drill boreholes. (5) Provide women or widows empowerment programs   (6) Provide support for vulnerable and HIV affected people. (7) Do charitable support to the needy people etc. The grace period of five years is given under which you are to go back to renew the registration, if it happens to be found that you have not done the country developmental programs, on your return to renew the registration, then you are stopped from operation or renewing it. 

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Soroti Road, Dokolo Town Council, Dokolo District, Northern Uganda, in East Africa.

Tel: +256 773 134 367



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Monday – Friday  09:00AM – 19:00PM

Saturday    09:00AM – 14:00PM


Overseer playing guitar and preaching in  ministries during youth hood in 1995.
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Overseer's pastors during youth-hood.
Overseer plays the box guitor while bowing mouth organ and bunging the rythm using the elbow to sound one man band.Youth hood picture
Overseer's Local band during youth-hood.
Overseer plays musics and preaches in ministries during youth-hood in 1995.
The overseer plays the box guitar while blowing the mouth organ and bunging the rhythm using the elbow. Youth-hood picture.
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